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Accu-Cut Carpet Cutting Machines Financing Partnership "Like Family"

Accu-Cut Carpet Cutting Machines is the largest supplier of floor covering cutting equipment in North America. The company was founded in 1990 by Scott Brockie to help flooring dealers save time and money. Based in Tavares, Florida, Accu-Cut supplies cutting equipment to professional floor covering dealers throughout the world, including companies such as The Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams, Abbey Carpet, Flooring America, GCO Carpet Outlets, Carpet One, Stone Mountain Carpet Mills, Shaw Flooring Alliance, Carpets Plus of America, and many others. The costs of Accu-Cut’s machines, both new and refurbished models, range from approximately $12,000 to $55,000.

Growing the Business

From the early stages of the company, Scott Brockie recognized that offering customer financing played a critical role in generating sales. Today, Accu-Cut actively promotes financing to its customers.

Trevor Brockie, Vice President of Accu-Cut, estimates that the company leases 60 to 70 percent of its equipment sales each month and that business would be cut in half without offering a financing option.

“You should be offering financing with every single proposal that you send out,” Trevor Brockie said. “Anytime Accu-Cut quotes a price, it’s always presented with a purchase price and a payment plan. With a payment plan, it becomes more affordable as a business expense, as well as offering tax benefits.”

He cites cash flow as the top reason their customers finance equipment and notes that even customers who have the financial resources to buy outright choose not to for reasons such as not tapping into their business lines of credit and preserving their capital for other purposes, like inventory, advertising, and improvements.

“If a company’s not offering leasing as part of their sales strategy, they’re losing a huge amount of potential business,” Brockie said. “For an equipment manufacturer, there’s no downside to offering financing; it’s all pluses, no minuses. There’d be no reason not to.”

Marlin's Impact

With Accu-Cut’s business savvy and deep understanding of the importance of financing to their business, they knew that when partnering with a leasing company, it should become an extension of their business, almost like a member of their sales staff. Trevor Brockie cites good communication and having a dedicated financing representative as extremely important to the relationship. Accu-Cut found what they were looking for in Marlin as their financing provider.

“When you partner with Marlin, they hold themselves to a very high standard,” Brockie said. “We’ve always had a great level of communication, and everyone at Marlin wants to make that deal happen just as much as we do. There have been times when it was after hours and we needed to get a deal done at the eleventh hour and their rep was on the phone.”

The range of Marlin’s financing solutions and level of customer service have made them an invaluable partner in Accu-Cut’s success. Marlin offers the same attractive financing terms on both new and refurbished equipment and has extended its lease terms to Accu-Cut’s customers. Brockie highlights the speed of the approval process, with deals often being approved in less than an hour. Marlin reps also have attended numerous trade shows with Accu-Cut, providing personal support to capture sales.

Trevor Brockie said, “In sales, when a customer makes a decision, you want to do everything you can to close the deal quickly. Marlin takes that opportunity very seriously.”

He added, “Once you partner with Marlin, they treat you like family and you can rest assured your sales rep is available anytime of the day. They act as part of our staff, constantly helping, getting back in touch with us, and updating us on deals.”

For more information on Accu-Cut equipment, please visit www.accu-cut.com.


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"My Marlin account rep, Tammy Roberge, took very good care of me,” Peter said. “Her friendliness and willingness to answer my questions were outstanding—she was my go-to person for whatever I needed."


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