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Burger King® Franchisee Receives Fast, Streamlined Process And Restaurant Industry Expertise Leasing With Marlin

Amir Allison is a franchisee of Burger King® Corporation, operating six restaurants located throughout Wyoming. He is also president of the Mountain Franchisee Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Franchisee Association. Amir has owned and operated Burger King® restaurants since 1981.

Process Speed and Ease Are Priorities

When Amir acquired his first restaurants, his equipment needs were owner-financed, and later financed through local banks and equipment finance companies. His financing needs tend to be either for small packages to upgrade a few pieces of equipment at a time, or for a new building or renovation, which requires the whole package. The things that are important to Amir from his equipment finance provider are a streamlined process, fast and easy lease execution, and friendly terms with good interest rates. He began leasing with Marlin on the referral of his restaurant equipment vendor when he needed some upgrades in 2013.

Marlin's Impact

Amir uses Marlin to finance equipment, including broilers, toasters, fryers, and other related kitchen equipment, at all six of his restaurants.

“Time is valuable and we know from others in the franchise community and our trade association which financing companies are easy to deal with, have better rates, don’t take too long to process the application and don’t get bogged down with paperwork,” Amir says. “It was very streamlined with Marlin, and their rates were very competitive. It was a no-brainer for me.”

Amir described two financing deals with Marlin when he needed to move quickly for kitchen upgrades at two of his units. Timing was critical in order to be ready for the start-of-summer, Memorial Day Weekend restaurant traffic spike. “I was extremely pleased with how fast it went,” Amir says. “Within days Marlin got it done and the equipment was in place.”

Amir appreciates Marlin’s restaurant industry expertise which underlies their smooth-working relationship. “If I walk into a bank, I have to educate them about my business,” he says. “Marlin understood my needs very quickly. It was obvious Marlin has been doing this kind of deal for a long, long time.”

For more information about Burger King, visit www.bk.com


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