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EasyCAM’s Manufacturer Finance Program Fulfills Customer Demand And Increases Company Revenues

EasyCAM, LLC, based in Naples, Florida, is a manufacturer of quality sewer inspection cameras, all produced in the U.S. It is estimated that sewer inspection cameras are used by half of the nation’s plumbing businesses. EasyCAM was founded in 2007 by Rick Joy, a career veteran plumbing contractor who developed the company’s unique modular component design in response to the excessive downtime and labor costs of repairing sewer inspection cameras available in the marketplace. EasyCAM’s design allows replacement components to be shipped and installed easily by the customer so that the equipment is back up and running in a few days, rather than weeks.

Customer Demand for Financing

From EasyCAM’s early days, customers asked if financing was available to acquire the sewer inspection cameras, which are priced at $4,995 and $6,495. Initially, EasyCAM experimented with offering its own financing, which wasn’t successful. They then tried working with a few equipment finance companies, but found that their process was slow and their credit approvals were restrictive. Then Rick was referred by an EasyCAM sales person to Marlin.

Marlin's Impact

After speaking to a representative at Marlin, Rick says he found her to be very good at what she does. For example, he said she proposed a creative financing option in which a plumber can defer lease payments so the equipment can generate revenue before the first payment is due. She became Marlin’s single point of contact for EasyCAM. With the representative’s high level of account servicing and Marlin’s range of financing options, which include 90-day deferred payment, no down payment and attractive rates, Rick considers the relationship a success and Marlin is EasyCAM’s exclusive financing provider.

“Our Marlin representative has done a great job for us,” says Rick. “She does everything she possibly can do, and she gets the business done.”

Rick attributes Marlin’s straightforward financing programs and process with increasing EasyCAM’s revenues by 30 percent since the beginning of 2014. He says that during sales calls he tells his customers to expect Marlin’s representative to call within 15 minutes because she’ll get right on it and if they get the paperwork back to her, they’ll typically have an approval by the end of the day.

“I’m happy with the service I’ve gotten,” adds Rick. “If there’s an issue, our Marlin rep is right on the phone with me. Marlin sees the long view of our company, and I’m looking forward to doing more business with them.”

For more information on EasyCAM, please visit www.easycamllc.com.


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