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Non-Stop Scaffolding Vendor Finance Program Provides Seamless Support For Sales Process

Non-Stop Scaffolding has been providing heavy-duty, standard-duty and workhorse scaffolding for the masonry industry since 1975. Non-Stop has become an industry leader with its unique design engineering which enables users to increase their profits and enhance workplace safety and OSHA compliance. Founded by owner Justin Breithaupt, a successful masonry contractor, Non-Stop is headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Growth Opportunity Through Financing

Non-Stop has long understood the importance of offering its customers the option of financing to acquire its scaffolding products. Giving their customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the equipment, while earning increased revenue from it, has been an important factor in Non-Stop's market growth. Unfortunately, Non-Stop's early efforts working with an equipment finance company weren't successful due to delays in obtaining credit approvals and overly complex lease transactions. As a result, they began searching for a new equipment finance provider.

Marlin's Impact

In 2006, Non-Stop began working with Marlin and now finances approximately 50 percent of its equipment sales. Justin Breithaupt attributes the success of Non-Stop's vendor finance program with Marlin to a number of key factors.

"I have a relationship mainly with one Marlin representative. They get the credit approvals quickly, their rates are very competitive, and they keep our customers happy," says Justin.

His emphasis on the need for rapid response and attentive service highlights Marlin's organizational competency. Marlin's seamless process is the core of the high quality support Non-Stop receives. Turnaround for financing approvals is usually within 24 hours.

"By the time I hand them off to Marlin, customers are already sold on the equipment and just want to get the paperwork out of the way," notes Justin. "Marlin takes the ball and runs with it. They don't let any delays get into my selling process."

Justin reiterated his satisfaction with Non-Stop's Marlin representative, saying he'll "stick with a winner."

For more information on Non-Stop Scaffolding, please visit www.nonstopscaffolding.com.


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