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Creating Efficiencies Is A Priority For Spectrum VoIP's Lease Financing Program

Spectrum VoIP, based in Keller, Texas, is a provider of convenient and cost-effective business telephone systems. For nearly a decade the company has been providing telephone plans, equipment and customer support primarily to business services firms.

Business Opportunity

Since its founding, Spectrum VoIP has deployed a sales strategy that incorporates financing terms. Promoting lease financing sales has come to be a main focus of the company; approximately 75 percent of its new monthly customers are done through lease financing. To facilitate the financing program that is so critical to its sales revenues, Spectrum VoIP sought a financing provider who understood its sales strategy and who could deliver a high level of service so that the process would work efficiently.

Marlin's Impact

Spectrum recognized that Marlin understood its financing sales strategy due to its breadth of experience in the copier market, of which Spectrum VoIP's sales model is very similar. Marlin's expertise in product sales, upgrades, renewals and repeat customers applies directly to Spectrum VoIP's product and service offering.

"You start out looking for somebody who understands your model. Marlin does a lot in the copier market so they understood our model and it was a really good fit from the beginning," said the Finance Manager for Spectrum VoIP. "It's grown over the years because it's as simple as we work well together."

The working relationship between Spectrum VoIP and Marlin and the resulting efficiencies are the key reason for its success. The dynamic between Spectrum and Marlin's single-point-of-contact financing representative is best described as teamwork with each understanding the requirements and needs of the other.

"It streamlines the process and makes it flow as smoothly and seamlessly as it possibly can," the manager says. "With some leasing companies every deal might be a struggle for one reason or another. When you get into a flow, like we have with Marlin, it really facilitates the efficiencies. That's one of the big things about it."

Spectrum VoIP's finance manager notes how important it is that Marlin's financing professionals support each other so that they maintain a consistent, high level of service delivery. Spectrum considers this a distinguishing feature of Marlin's and attributes it to being a well-run organization.

"It doesn't seem like a big thing, but it is," the finance manager observes. "With a lot of leasing companies, if your rep is unavailable for some reason, there isn't anyone who is ready, willing or able to step up and assist you in your rep's absence. Marlin takes a different approach. When our rep has been unavailable, our business was uninterrupted and managed by an equally qualified rep. Marlin is smart enough to realize how tremendously valuable that is to vendors like us."

Spectrum reiterates the overall importance of Marlin's ability to create efficiencies in the financing process. "It has to be a well-oiled machine, otherwise it can consume your whole day. If we tried to do as many leases a month with another company that we didn't have the same kind of working relationship with, frankly it would be nearly impossible. It would be all consuming, and that's a big deal."

For more information on Spectrum VOIP, please visit www.spectrumvoip.com


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